About Us


C & C Masonic Designs was founded at Mayaguez, P.R. in 2008. Cristina G. Andujar and Christian O. Aviles, (Past Master of the masonic Lodge Porvenir de Puerto Rico # 88) founded this business when we realized that masonry can be revealed to the world through the use of daily clothing, accessories and masonic aprons.  
C&C Masonic Designs directs its efforts on satisfying the general needs of the masonic community in Puerto Rico and other countries. Our business helps brethren identify themselves in modern society, through the use of daily clothing and other articles, maintaining a conservative posture in this XXI Century. Our main duty is to keep a high satisfaction in all our customers. The pride of knowing that lodges around the world are beneficiating of our products makes us keep working harder each day to maintain our high-quality materials and reasonable prices.   
      Most of the products in our web page have been designed by us, constantly having in mind the needs of our brethren. A 98% of our designs are manufactured by us in Puerto Rico. In case an item is out of stock just contact us and we will make it available to you as soon as possible.